2023: Unhealthy attack on Osinbajo must stop

2023: Unhealthy attack on Osinbajo must stop

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By: Austine Agbo Emmanuel, Kaduna

The recent attack on Nigeria Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, stylishly from different camp of the National Leader, All Progressive Congress, (APC) Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is a clear sign of desperation from the former Lagos State Governor, because desperation often times make people to forget their sense of value.

No wonder, he promised to fight dirty before now, though his camp tried everything possible to explain to us in another different way, but thank God, not every Nigerian failed their English WAEC/NECO.

Although many claimed that the recent attack from Kperogi, where he described the VP Osinbajo”A Religious Bigot” has nothing to do with the Tinubu’s camp, but I begged to disagree because, National Leader of Tinubu’s stature should be able to write a disclaimer, hence everybody believed that Kperogi was sponsored from his camp.

The truth remains that power come from God. Meanwhile it is obvious, Chief Tinubu is not the one to change Nigeria’s current challenges. This is because statistics have shown that most people who are desperate for power has little or nothing at all to offer when they get elected.

Without doubt, Asiwaju is a King maker. But the last time I checked, “kingmakers are mostly not Kings.”

Moreso, the APC National Chieftain, admitted that he is not physically strong when he claimed that he is not a bricklayer and therefore doesn’t need physical strength to govern Nigeria. This statement also revealed Tinubu’s true character of disdain for Nigerians who on daily basis engage themselves in one menial job or the other, just to make their ends meet. Bricklayers are also Human Beings.

Although, some of us with good heart regardless of whatever ambition are praying for him to get well soon, but we are disappointed to hear such ill Statement coming from a Public Figure like BAT. The question is, if he doesn’t need physical strength, why then did he run to London for Medical check-up almost immediately he declared to run for Presidency??? Leaders need physical, emotional and mental strength to govern the affairs of the people. Without doubt, BAT is not one at the moment, considering the many disadvantages poised on Nigeria as a Nation.

Everybody may forget, but too late to forget Leki-toll gate where innocent Nigerians were murdered during the EndSars protest in Lagos, just because the Patriots staged protest, demanding for good governance. May their soul rest in perfect peace. AMEN!!!

Nigerians have suffered alot. As a result, needed someone with Human’s feeling, someone who has value for lives, a patriot who will respect the will of the people before, during and after the poll, not someone that places Presidential ambition as a thing of do or die affair. Nigeria is nobody’s property, a good leader must be guided by his words and actions.

2023 is around the corner. I therefore urge fellow Nigerians; compatriots to get their PVC and do the needful for a prosperous Nigeria.

Austine Agbo Emmanuel, Kaduna Journalist

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