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Mirror Of Wisdom Development Foundation

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Mirror of Wisdom Development Foundation wishes to revamp Education system in Nigeria through the following two programs.

  1. Academic Systematic Appraisal Program

This program enables us to conduct a test for the best students in chosen subjects and classes (JSS1-SS3). This test covers three stages LGA, State and federal levels. The best students in LGA level qualities his/her teacher for the competition at state level for best teacher’s award and subsequently to national level.
All test will be done online.

There will be an award for each level.
Part of teachers benefits will be instant promotion from the state government at the state level. Students will be handsomely rewarded.

    This program focuses on solving primary and secondary problems. The public is encouraged to report challenges facing public schools within their neighborhood through our website for attention www.miwisfoundation.com.ng

The above project is aimed at achieving the following for the public schools.

  1. Reduce the rate and effect of exam malpractices among the secondary school students.
  2. Bridge the gap between urban and rural also private and public schools.
  3. Create a hard work rewarding system for teachers and students.
  4. Create data base to monitor students and teachers performance.
  5. Create opportunity for a collaborative development of public schools.

Note: Sponsor can sponsor at any level.

For Sponsorship and inquries visit www.miwisfoundation.com.ng.
Or email: info@miwisfoundation.com.ng
Tweeter: @Miwisfoundation
Facebook: Morrow of wisdom Development Foundation.
Phone no. 08058102359.