Story of horrendous terrorists attack on Ungwa Bulus, Sabo Kaduna

Story of horrendous terrorists attack on Ungwa Bulus, Sabo Kaduna

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I am sending this message from Angwan Bulus where the terrorists struck last night. I went there to assess the situation on ground.

The environment is a highly ghetto area neighbouring Juji, Ungwan Gimbiya and NNPC Kaduna. The residents are the poorest of the poor!

This general area has been under continuous attacks for so long. The terrorists usually have field day each time they attack. They freely kill and abduct as much as you wanted.

The demons came in through the wide bush with their motorcycle, which they use to convey their victims to their enclave.

At about 8:45 pm, the terrorists attacked the improvised community and abducted more than 20 people mostly children as young as three years old.

A 16 year-old boy on an errand was their first victim. In my presence few minutes ago, the kidnappers were demanding for N20 million.

In a house, a pastor, his wife and three children were kidnapped. His three year-old boy was asleep then and was the only one left behind.

In another house, a serving policeman’s wife and his four children were abducted. The least child is four years. The officer had just arrived from Maiduguri.

In one Idoma family, a man, his wife and three children, the least being a seven year-old were kidnapped. The only survivor in this house is in a boarding school.

Yet, in one other house, a wife and four little children were abducted. The last kid is 6.

Many other women and children were abducted at various houses within the period.

At Ungwan MaiDuniya, an SS2 girl returning from an errand was abducted.

More painfully, two young boys were killed instantly; the third boy died at a hospital this morning.

The security agents responded but it was too late. The damages had already been done!

Shockingly, the ransom demand from the terrorists are so outrageous compared to the extreme indigent environment. People hardly eat a meal per day! The ransom demand, from my investigation, ranges from N20 million for a young boy to N50 million for the pastor and his children!

It is important to note that some of the kidnappers spoke good English Language while some expressed themselves in Fufulde, underscoring correctly, as been speculated that the kidnapping operations within this general area are masterminded by local informants that invite and collaborate with the terrorists.

This is the situation right now concerning the attack at U/Bulus, Sabo area, Kaduna.


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