El-Rufai admittance shows APC failed in all tiers of govt – Ashiru campaign

El-Rufai admittance shows APC failed in all tiers of govt – Ashiru campaign

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Urge the Gov, Buhari to resign immediately for competent hands
..Disqualify APC fielding candidate in 2013

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

The Isa Ashiru Gubernatorial Campaign Organization has commended Governor Nasiru El-rufa’i of Kaduna state for admitting that the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) government has failed Nigerians in all levels of government administration in Nigeria.
The campaign organization made the assertion in a statement issued weekend in kaduna and signed by its Director public affairs, Mr.
Yakubu lere, saying El-Rufai’s confirmation is an indication that the main opposition party would no longer shared in the blame for APC failure anymore.

“The Isa Ashiru Campaign organization here by commend Governor Nasiru El-rufa’i for coming out boldly to admit that apc govts both at the states ,local and national levels have failed Nigerians
“We believe Gov El-rufa’i took this decision after realizing that, they can’t blame PDP any more or continue to decive people that all is well.
“Indeed, the governor statement is rare courageous action but as a democrat, the honorable thing to do is to immediately resign as Governor and also advise president Buhari who is the commander in chief to also resign so as to allow INCE to conduct fresh election to enable people with the required competence and commitment to the plight of ordinary Nigerian in general and Kaduna state in particulars become leaders and move the country and Kaduna state forward.
“Furher more, this open admittance of their failure has automatically disqualified them from fielding’s candidates in the 2023 general election.
“We call on the good people of Kaduna state in particular, to take this open admittance seriously and vote all of them out in next general election.
“The organization wish to offer it’s heart felt condolences to both federal and Kaduna state government and indeed to the families of those killed in the recent train attack and other attacks across the country.
“May the souls of those killed rest in peace ,the injured have speedy recovery and those kidnaped safe return to their families.
“May we remind those in authority that, open admittance of failure and indeed other rhitorics are not acceptable.
“What Nigerians need from them is decisive efforts to stop this babaric actions by the terrorists.They should know that, posterity will continue to judge them as a group of power mongers who came to power based on massive propaganda and deciept but at the end, to openly admitted that ,they have failed”, it stated. End

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