I saw myself ascending to seat of power, becoming Nigeria’s President -Abdukareem Abdul

I saw myself ascending to seat of power, becoming Nigeria’s President -Abdukareem Abdul

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..Say’s victory assured

By Achadu Gabriel, kaduna

Nigerian’s Abraham Lincoln, Alhaji
Abdukareem Abdul, popularly known as Mai Tanatabara has join the race for the country’s number one seat as presidential aspirant under the main opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Alhaji Abdulkarrem Abdul, father of
Lukeman Abdulkareem who had won World Cup for Nigeria’s under 17, is contesting for the president seat for third time.

Alhaji Abdul who made his formal declaration in Kaduna on weekend contested for president in 1992 and 2007 but later went back and contested for counsellor and lost in all the contests.
Speaking to our correspondent in an exclusive interview after his declaration, the APC staunch member who decamped to PDP said he saw himself ascending to the number one seat of power and becoming the president of Nigeria in 2023.
He however lamented that corruption, such as vote buying, imposition of candidates in primary elections, among other shady deals associated with poor internal democracy counted against his success in previous elections in 1992 and 2007 when he contested for president.

“My name is Abdukareem Abdul, popularly known as Mai -Tanatabara. I’m aspiring for the position of president for the third time. I started in 1992, 2007 and this year is going to be my year.

“The 2023 is going to be my year of becoming the president of this country. I declared my ambition for president under PDP, and I like the quote of the party chairman Dr. Iyorchia Ayu that “Nigeria shall rise again”. That was what motivated me under the Party’s leadership of Dr Ayu”, he said.
On his chances and courageous assurance of winning the presidency in 2023, Alhaji Abdul who denied having any political godfather explained that everything pointed to the fact that the electorates of today are different, wiser and could collect money from corrupt aspirant and vote for the corrupt-free aspirants due to poor governance of the current leadership in the country.

Abdul also said “I declared my ambition for president under PDP, and I like the quote of the party chairman that “Nigeria shall rise again”. That is what motivated me under Iyorchia Ayu leadership of the party.

“I see Ayu quotation, and I’m assure it’ll happen and PDP will not fall back again. Nigeria is rising up after this difficult time. There’s an inevitable change, and Mai -Tantabara is going to become the president of this country. I’m going to be the next president of Nigeria by God grace. I’m saying it boldly and proudly.

“When I contested, I went back to contest for Counsellor. I say let me start from the grassroot. I did even win the state counselor just like Abraham Lincoln. And this time around, the Abraham Lincoln of Nigeria, Abdulkareem Abdul, the Tantabara is back, and is going to win.
“I’ve seen the scenario. I’ve seen the wrongs been done and this wrongs they’re doing it wrong and I’m doing it for the better. If not for that better, somebody like me cannot come out. I don’t have the money or power. I don’t have juju. But I’ve the power of almighty God that gives power”, he added.

On my chances, “I want you to look at the scenario especially what’s happening in the county. That’s the scenario that’s giving me yes go ahead, win, take the ticket. You’ll beat Atiku, Tambuwal and other Governors and the rest. Go and push, because your time has come, everyone of them will pave way, because they’ve been enjoying several opportunity but misused it.

“Only enriching themselves and friends. I’ve been in this gain since 1992, to date, how many years. So I’ve not just been silence but watching everyone, and now its time for me to strike because my name is “Pele”, Babangida use to be Maradona. I’m the father of Lukeman Abdulkareem, footballer that won the world cup for Nigeria under 17.
“Lukeman is my second born. He inherited this from me. What counted against my chances to win last time i contested was that: one i withdrew voluntarily in 1992, from the service after 13 years in as civil service, about 35 years of age.

“l went through Nigeria constitution and party manifestos, and started striking. Because I saw the Maradonic way IBB was doing, he motivated me.
“But corruption, party politics, nomination, forcing candidates who not suppose to be there, give them money counted against my chances in the past.
“This time around if you give them money, they’ll not vote for you because everybody’s eyes and ears have now open. So don’t think they’re people of yesterday.

“The people of today are the Nigerian youth who have the right to takeover power of this country. You witnessed the agitation of anti #SARS of Nigerian youth”, he said.

On insecurity and godfatherism, he said that “Only God that created me is my godfather. Any government that fails to provide security for the protection of lives and property of the people is not a government.

“I’ll take strategic position and deal with insecurity in this country especially the porous borders. Corruption lead to insecurity. People should learn from the past happenings. It’s not all about money and money. We’ve to go back, “United we strong, divided we fall.
“Nigeria is our country we don’t have anywhere to go. Security will be my number one priority. My late father was a soldier.

“My dislike in APC regime is autocratic rule, when Buhari appointed Abdullahi Adamu of Nasarawa state as party chairman instead of democratic process which is the rule of law.
“This is not military era but civilian regime. I know what Buhari did to me at that time. I decamped from APC, It doesn’t matter what time somebody decamped, it can even be now.
“Again my like is that I thank Mallam Nasir El-Rufai. When I defected from APC to PDP, I wrote El-Rufai. For him to have provided security for me to declare my presidential ambition was excellent one to me, and a show of maturity.

“I support good and dislike wrongs things. I’ve been telling El-Rufai of the wrong and right things he has been doing. Look at the transformation development in Kaduna city. Since the adminstration of Sardauna, nobody has done what he did. But we don’t know how to cerebrate hero in Nigeria and Africa in general”, he stated. End

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