Marital Breakdown: Tribunal Blames Failure on improper courtship  

Marital Breakdown: Tribunal Blames Failure on improper courtship  

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By Olivia Obijiaku 

The Chairman of Marriage Tribunal of the Catholic Diocese of Zaria, Very Rev Fr. Augustine Isek has highlighted hurrying into marriage as a major cause of marital collapse. He made this known during a ‘Singles Forum’ in his parish, St Mary’s Catholic Church (The City of God), Samaru Zaria on Sunday, 3rd April 2022.

Fr. Isek dwelt on the topic ‘Relationship and Marriage’ in cautioning against rushing into marriage without adequate knowledge of one’s partner asserting that longtime relationships reveal one’s identity.   

“Take your time.” The chairman coached. “Look well and assess the person. It may take time to know who that person is but time reveals everything – no matter how one pretends. Sometimes, we don’t get to know the person by face value. It is possible that one may not like you at first but with time, the person may like you.”

“It is not everyone who hates you. Whether you like it or not, there is somebody who loves you. You may love somebody and he may not love you. Someone may love you and you may not love her. But if you both love yourselves and the reasons are clear – perfect! The process of getting to this level can take a long time at times.”

“Marriage tampers with your destiny. There are times you marry and doors will open, there are times you marry and doors will close. Relationships are not that easy. There are diseases that can terminate your life if you rush into intimacy very early. There are many people moving around with diseases looking for whom to infest. Be patient!” 

The clergyman further taught that marriage is meant to be between couples and not between cultures but reminded the participants of the place of culture in African marriages. He then tasked those who may delve into marriage with persons of other cultures to find out how compatible their cultures so that they may decide from the point of knowledge.