Onolememen is a Political Movement, Analysts Asserts

Onolememen is a Political Movement, Analysts Asserts

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By Elempe Dele

It is with unassuming confidence some political pundits and analysts across Edo State and beyond asserts that Dr. Mike Onolememen CON is a huge asset and a growing political movement. These political analysts believe that although the Adolor of Uromi Kingdom is best suited as one who should run for the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under PDP in the 2023 election coming from the South South region of the country, his decision owing to the wild clamour from his people to go and represent them at the senate is not a misplaced priority.

According to Mr Tony Dean Irase, “Arch. Mike Onolememen is a political movement I have been following since he was in the Directorate of Projects, Petroleum Trust(Special) Fund, PTF, in 2000. No doubt, the Adolor of Uromi Kingdom is a political movement in Esanland and beyond whose intent is to change policies and social values. His idea is to change the status quo, and in his own words, “up the ante.” This ideology of ‘hopeful change’ is central to his political belief system.

Dr Mike Onolememen has a mass following in spite of his gentleman-like disposition. In my recent social media survey, which I juxtaposed with field survey, I found out that he leads the poll among several politicians in Esanland and even beyond. Several of those I interviewed have been following his development as from his days in PTF, to when he was Minister of States for Defence to when he meritoriously left public service as the Minister of Works.

Being a political movement of no mean repute, Dr. Francis Odion said Dr Mike’s impact on infrastructural development cannot be discounted while he was the Minister of Works. He was at that time able to mobilize resources for massive construction of quality roads across the length and breadth of the country. Even the 2nd Niger Bridge was his brain Child. Of course, unlike so many politicians, Mike became a political movement himself due to political opportunity he had, which was to serve as a public servant where he did exceedingly well. His unmatched service during that era which is still in the annals of the ministry’s history, without blemishes, was no doubt the driving force for his being a political movement he is today. He was taken as a person of political interest by a large number of people.

Although Mr. Sanni Ahmed Ibrahim from Auchi, a political analyst, posited that Dr Mike Onolememen CON might have prepare himself early in his political life in a manner prescribed by political scientists, his focused attention towards goal getting and precision cannot be discounted from his political attitude, which is now very rare. “Listen to him speak on thematic issues, even in his subtle voice, you will understand the bravery of his focused attention and direction,” Mr Sanni said.

It is beyond doubt, from what I have gathered, that the people of Edo Central Senatorial District will profit from this human political movement when elected as the Senator representing the district. He will use both conventional and unconventional methods of service delivery to achieve his goals for the people of Esanland. Ideally, people, through political parties, usually nominate their best candidates for electoral offices to help influence development to their respective constituencies. So it will be fitting for Dr Mike Onolememen CON goes to the Senate to represent the good people of Esanland.

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