The Time to Act is now

The Time to Act is now

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By Rev. Dr Martin Luther King Jnr

Truth be told that however we interprete it, Politics boils down to the question of who gets what, when and how? It also dwells in the authoritative allocation of values, so says David Easton and Harold Laswell respectively.

But in our Nigerian contest, some people seem to interpret it to suits their own purpose.

How can someone say that all aspirants of Esan Origin or otherwise, are pursuing the same goal, and as such, their followers should not make criticisms, because they are brothers; noting that they have nothing against each other or one another? Honestly, the person that made such statement is either sentimental in his approach to politics or he or she is neither here nor there.

To me, Politics is all about interest and values, but the question is what interest are they after and what values are they projecting?

However, it’s obvious that what ‘A” want is not “B’ or “C” wants. Infact, all contestants cannot have the same opinion, or manifestoes, because if its like that, it means Politics would have a different interpretation.

Sincerely speaking, there must be a different view from the old narratives.

Flowing from the above, I would like to commend the duo of Dr. Ese Owie and Chief Dr. Mike Onolememen of Edo South Senatorial District and Edo Central Senatorial District respectively for their manifestoes thus far.
These two are not Third Terms Agenda aspirants, but People with fresh ideas that would change the old narratives of sharing of Mowers, Sewing Machines, Grinding Machines, Wheel Barrows etc. They know what the people want and how to make it happen.

Let’s put our heads together, and not to allow anyone deceive us.
The choice is ours to make come, 2023 Senatorial Elections.