Domestic Violence: I can’t take daily beatings anymore, Lady cancels wedding scheduled for Saturday

Domestic Violence: I can’t take daily beatings anymore, Lady cancels wedding scheduled for Saturday

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Habila Darofai

A young Nigeria lady has cancelled her white wedding ceremony scheduled for Saturday, April 16, 2022, because her groom-to-be has been beating her daily and as she not prepared to endure it for the rest of her life.

The Nigerian woman identified as Michael Ozioma Helen took to Facebook to announce the wedding cancellation and apologized to her followers for any inconvenience her decision might have caused them, saying it was a life-saving one.

According to her, David Okike, who she was hoping to settle down with, is an abusive and violent man who assaults her at the least provocation.

She added that her lover had promised several times not to beat her again but had consistently repeated the same act.

Here are her full Facebook post read below:

This was my secondary school classmate who I thought I knew to an extent.

On December 28, 2020 he did the 1st and 2nd stage in my family marriage list which bride price happened to be on the 2nd stage which he paid. After he paid my bride price he started maltreating me.

2021 was hell for me that at some point I left home, after everything we settled around November 2021 which he promised he will never beat me again. But still nothing CHANGED.

This is my reason why I am CALLING OFF the Traditional Marriage (Igba Ngwu) and White Wedding ceremony between me and DAVID OKIKE OFF. (Beating me was not part of the agreement in our Marriage)

This Saturday should have been my traditional and white wedding ceremony day…. I supposed to be happy but I am not.

For couple of months now I have been going through a lot.

I have been in a TOXIC RELATIONSHIP for OVER a YEAR now.. I am aware that this may be a shock to many people, especially people from my Home Town. My supposed husband HIT and ABUSE me in any slightest provocation, just small misunderstanding without minding what condition I am into.

Because I have chosen ME and I will not live my entire life facing DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. My supposed husband is full of RAGE, BEATING me with his Belt, Stick, Broom is his DAILY ROUTINE, Many a times he had lifted his hammer on me and this Monday last week just because of little misunderstanding he beat me mercilessly and on the process of it he rushed into his mother’s kitchen for a cutlass, when I noticed he’s going for a weapon I locked the door behind him which he forcefully opened, both his mother and Sisters and some neighbors were begging him not to cut me with the cutlass … With all these things and more I am fed up.


Please to my family and friends I am so sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you

But I will not end up with a man who always promise that if I didn’t kill him, that he will kill me.

I am still suffering from unstoppable headache I sustained from the head injury he gave me 3 weeks ago.

The “bride price paid” will be Returned in due time. Please Respect my choices. Thanks and God bless you all.

Source: Pulse