Holy Thursday: We are united in the Communion we receive – Fr. Adugba

Holy Thursday: We are united in the Communion we receive – Fr. Adugba

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By Olivia Obijiaku

The Vice Rector of St Joseph’s Minor Seminary, Zaria, Rev Fr. Matthias Adugba has described the Holy Communion as the bond of unity between all Catholics. He made this known at the Mass of the Institution of the Holy Eucharist of Holy Thursday, 14th April 2022. 

The priest explained that the reception of the Holy Communion is a confession of one’s faith in the unity of fellow communicants as brothers and sisters but lamented that some Catholics still discriminate against others. 

“”Communion means that we are united.” He clarified. “It does not mean that all of us are the same. It means that we are participating differently as parts – everybody has his riches. As humans, we are all richly endowed but often times, theses riches become the reasons we attack each other. There is no point competing in the house of the Lord. We are living in communion and we ought to be a communion. We ought to share our pains and our weaknesses. We ought to bear with each other.”

“When Jesus announced that one of them was going to betray Him, the apostles were curious. They wanted to know who was going to betray Him but Jesus did not disclose his identity. Most of us would have asked for the microphone to announce the identity of the person. Jesus did not do that – instead, He still laid down everything that made Him a King to wash their feet. Sometimes, we think that we have been in the Church for so long, and so God will give us a reward for being in the Church for that and then, we begin to fill as if we own the keys to the gate of the Church to open it to those we want to come in and close it against those we believe are not worthy of being in the Church. God does not condemn us. He hates sins but not the sinners. He wants us to approach Him and communicate with Him. He chose ordinary things like water, oils and confession so that He can reach every one of us.” 

Kicking against pointing accusing fingers at those who are still struggling with their faith, Fr. Adugba proffered attending to Christ’s invitation to a life of communion with Him, so that they may learn more about humility and service from the Model and Humble Master.