Jesus was persecuted, betrayed by humans like us who betray loved ones – Fr. Zichiyang

Jesus was persecuted, betrayed by humans like us who betray loved ones – Fr. Zichiyang

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By Olivia Obijiaku 

Associate Parish Priest of Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Rev. Fr. Patrick Bako Zichiyang has blamed the current ills bedeviling the nation on betrayal by fellow Nigerians. He said this in his Good Friday homily in the parish on 15th April 2022 after the dramatisation of the events leading to the cruel death of the Saviour.

The priest built his homily on the day’s Passion account of John when he linked the actions of Judas to those of some present day Nigerians, saying that those who betray other have nothing to gain in the very end.

 “It was not spirits who persecuted Jesus but real human beings. Men in authority persecuted Him. Today, what is our story as a nation? Men and women we voted into offices in this country are persecuting us. They are the ones destroying us and making us look hopeless everyday as seen in the insecurity and failed economy. But let us not loose hope with God, victory is assured us.” 

“Just as Jesus cried My God, My God, why have you forgotten Me?, Fr. Felix is crying; so many family members are crying; our husbands, wives and children and our friends are crying in captivity. They gave Jesus vinegar and I am sure many of our family members and our priests are being given dirty water to drink for no crime of theirs. Some people were kidnapped while on medications because they are suffering from one illness or the other. They are now in the bush with no medication. Can you just imagine what they are going through in the bush?”

“Today, we have campaigns all over. Each party wants to present more than five to seven candidates and a ticket is about forty million naira for the presidential seat. Why not bring this monies together in bringing about the safety of our sons and daughters if truly they mean business for Nigeria, so that at the end of the day Nigeria is peaceful.

“We preach, we admonish and we advise, yet these criminals do not work without members of our Churches, members of our Mosques and those who claim to be prayer warriors. They use you like Judas Iscariot and give you thirty pieces of silver so you betray your very own. The bandits don’t know where your loved ones are living. You are the ones providing them with information by receiving pieces of silver. But after receiving these pieces of silver, Judas didn’t spend a penny out it because all is vanity. Rather he committed suicide.”

Querying what it would profit Nigerian leaders if they ruin Nigeria, the clergyman intimated that the harassment of those who say the truth in Nigeria is not restricted to adherents of a particular religion; remarked that no means of transportation is safe in the country anymore; and referenced a recent quote in praying that the Lord alone who knows the true state of the nation to end her quandary. Jesus is the source of salvation by his suffering, so let our hope be in him,” the clergyman said.