Congress to elect State, nat’l delegates will kill APC in 2023-concerned Party man cries out

Congress to elect State, nat’l delegates will kill APC in 2023-concerned Party man cries out

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There have been outrage cries on the forms for aspirants vying for various political offices of the All Progressives Congress, APC, to be exorbitant.

A Price already concerned Nigerians said the ruling party is mortgaging the political party to the highest bidders to the detriment of good Nigerians who are willing to give selfless service.

The 100m, 50m for Presidential and governorship aspirants respectively announced by the National Executive Committee (NEC) yesterday was followed by the party stakeholders organizing another fresh Congress to get delegates that will elect candidates at state and national levels.

The development however was condemned by a party Adamawa party concerned Man that the decision of the NEC is only to kill APC in 2023.

Danjuma Adamu Jimeta says is a loyal party man who has been a founding member from Nassarawo ward said the National leaders have only succeeded in placing the party on the verge of collapse with the new plans.

According to him, the party has already had aspirants working on plans for the initial delegates on the ground, organizing a new congress to elect who flags the party’s flag for 2023 may be a cancerous and disastrous decision against the party.

He called on all relevant stakeholders to look into the fresh desire of the party to look at it critically with the eyes of the general interest of the party at large.

Danjuma also said he doesn’t think the date scheduled for the delegation to hold in less than one month will allow a good process of the exercise to take place.

He advised the primaries should be conducted using the initial status co and allow the existing delegates to elect the state and national candidates.

He worried that changing or replacing delegates will put the party in a rancorous situation and the political commotion may plunder the party into a serious crisis building to the 2023 elections.

“I do not see the wisdom in having another Congress that will elect state and national delegates. What happened to the existing delegates? There are aspirants on the ground using their strategies with the existing delegates, this will mean a lot of work to have another game plan for the new delegates.

” I don’t think this is good for the party and it will kill the party if care is not taken,” Danjuma said