Prof Chiezey expresses hope for the future; commends YCS for responsiveness 

Prof Chiezey expresses hope for the future; commends YCS for responsiveness 

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By Olivia Obijiaku 

The Patroness of Fellowship of Catholic Postgraduate students (FCPS) of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Prof (Mrs.) N.P Chiezey has commended participating students of the Maiden Young Catholic Students (YCS) Quiz Competition which took place in the parish on Saturday, 19th Marc, 2022.

At the event which was organized by FCPS, Mrs. Chiezey lauded both FCPS; the winners of the competition, Seat of wisdom Academy Zaria; and other participants and beneficiaries of the exercise for a wonderful outing expressing relief that the future is redeemable. 

“You are the future.” Prof Chiezey told them. “You are the hope of the Church and seeing you answer these questions really gladdens my heart because it means you are paying attention and I hope it is not for the purpose of the quiz. When you see what is happening on the internet you may lose hope but seeing you answer these questions tells me that there is hope for tomorrow. There are many bad things happening there but there are also good things that are happening there and you are not going to kill your brothers and sisters to make money. You will not rape anyone nor do the wrong things that are happening today. Read your Bible and you will discover that all the secrets to riches are inside there.”

Prof Chiezey

“Purpose is the reason for which God created you. At this level, you need to find out and discover your purpose in life and set goals to achieve it. Your leaders need to organize workshops to help you as Catholic students so that you do not go the wrong way. There is a roadmap which you must follow so that you do not go the way of quick money. There is a process you must go through or you derail.” 

Observing that the competitors were mainly females, she tasked their male counterparts to buckle up so that they do leave the future for the females alone.