How can I vote for Peter Obi?

How can I vote for Peter Obi?

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Someone who was once impeached as a governor?

Here are the fatcs:

Peter Obi was impeached and removed from the office TWICE for refusing to inflate budgets.

And when he was impeached, he refused to ‘settle’ the members of House of Assembly. He went to court and reclaimed his mandate.

His offenses:

  1. They budgeted N298m to repair his office, he used N43m instead.
  2. They budgeted N486m for Gov’s lodge he used N81m.

The State Assembly frustrated everything he tried to do.

It was a thug of war, he belonged to a different political party and school of thought.

His first encounter as a Gov was about headed paper.

A ream of paper he used to buy N750, they inflated it N18,000.

From there he issued orders that all govt expenditure in the state would be approved by himself.

To be honest, he worked more in his 2nd tenure than in his 1st tenure, especially on infrastructure.

His fiscal responsibility was top-notch.

Never owed pension, Gratuity,& salary.

If we want Nigeria to work, he is the best gamble we can take in the next Elections.