Kaduna Youth Vanguard pass vote of no confidence on Rep. Yakubu Barde

Kaduna Youth Vanguard pass vote of no confidence on Rep. Yakubu Barde

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Group under the guise of Chikun/Kajuru Youth vanguard, Kaduna state, on Saturday passed vote of no confidence on their representative Hon. Yakubu Umar Barde, at the Federal house of representatives, Abuja.

The youth vanguard in a statement signed by its leader, Madami Sarkinnoma Joshua, stated that Hon. Barde’s many years of representation of Chikun/Kajuru constituency at the lower chamber of National Assembly was a wasted one.

It added that “The Chikun/Kajuru Youth Vanguard for change is a non partisan, non profit organisation made up of productive, concerned youths, both native and non natives residents in Chikun/Kajuru Federal Constituency of Kaduna state.

“Let it be made clear that we are not lean to any political party or any aspirant. We are not playing the card of anyone.
“We are a non partisan movement with keen interest in the politics that play under our Constituency, Kaduna State and Nigeria. It is a legitimate agitation for good governance and representation of our people.

“We have made thorough assessments of the incumbent house of representatives member of Chikun/ Kajuru federal Constituency, Hon. Yakubu Umar Barde’s performance from 2003 till date (19 years).
“It has been glaringly found that he has not performed up to 2% of his legislative duty and other oversight functions to his Constituency. One of such is his glaring inability to speak out as a principal legislator on the lingering insecurity in the Constituency that has displaced over 70% of the rural population of Kajuru/Chikun LGA.
“Even, after being privileged with the position of a principal officer of the Reps, he has neither visited any of the camps where thousands of his displaced constituents are displaced by all kinds of violence, not to talk of assisting them with any relieve material for their survival.
“There is no record of any federal project that he has attracted to his constituency since 1999, nor are we aware of any bill he has formulated and got passed into law that will improve the wellbeing of his constituents and Nigeria at large.
“This is a situation that is best described as the reckless abandonment of the people of Chikun/Kajuru federal Constituency. In other words, Chikun/Kajuru Federal Constituency has had nearly 20 years of wasted representation.
We have had enough.

“Based of the above, we hereby pass a vote of no confidence on the incumbent member and demand he forfeits his 6th term ambition.
The delegates that gave him the tickets all this while also share blame in the backwardness we have suffered all these years.

“We are therefore appealing to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) delegates this time, not to be misled by any form of inducement by the incumbent. We have suffered enough.
“The PDP delegates should choose from among other aspirants who are willing to depart from the present poor representation of our people at the Reps.
Our plea goes same to delegates of the APC, NNPP and other parties.
“The masses are counting on them to vote for aspirants that are coming to change the unpleasant narrative of poor representation. The masses are counting on them to vote for aspirants that love them much more than they love the aspirants.
“Therefore, we want to appeal that any other aspirant that is considerably credible should be voted for, not the incumbent member. Reason being that what the Constituency could not achieve for almost 20 years cannot be achieved now if he is voted for the 6th term.
“Delegates should remain focused and unyielding while having it in mind that it is better to solve a problem that is affecting thousands of people than to betray your people and still return home to remain a victim of that lingering problem.
“The people of Chikun Kajuru federal Constituency are hoping that you make the wise choices of aspirants and as you do so, you will be celebrated as the heroes of your people. You will be celebrated as the Nelson Mandelas of your own people.
“The Chikun/Kajuru Youth Vanguard for change is also calling on stakeholders to salvage the ugly political situation of the Constituency. All hands must be on deck to fight against poor representation and ensure adequate representation”, it stated.

All efforts to clarified from Hon. Barde through friends failed due to lack of direct contact, the vanguard however alleged he has been in NASS for nearly 20 years.