Nasiru meets PDP delegates, set for Fofure/Song Adamawa HoR seat

Nasiru meets PDP delegates, set for Fofure/Song Adamawa HoR seat

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As the 2023 general elections keep approaching, politicians are scheming out plans for winning the election of their aspiring positions.

An erudite and a luminary of selfless service to humanity, Hon Nasiru Abdulsalam Song has embarked on a wide consultations meeting with the stakeholders, delegates, and key players of the Fofure/Song Federal Constituency area of Adamawa State.

Nasiru has commenced a tour consulting the movers and shackers of the party in Fofure and Song of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as a hopeful Lawmaker for the federal constituency in the national assembly, assuring them to be the best if given the mandate

The Young Politician whose business enclaves was successful to pitched in Abuja, Yola, and Song is said to be fully prepared to represent the people of Fofure and Song.

According to one of his supporters, Bamanga Yaya Nuhu said the meeting today was crucial with the delegates from Dumne, Song, and other parts of Yungur communities.

Yaya said if PDP wants to win the federal constituency, there are assured winning chances in the person of Nasiru.

He said soon the aspirant will tour the two local government areas to consolidate his winning possibilities. The

“It’s only Nasiru that has the capacity to win this election, im calling on PDP stakeholders, delegates to never waste their votes on people that will give APC a lew way to win.” Yaya said