Sha’aban Set Campaign Team, Urges Hard Work

Sha’aban Set Campaign Team, Urges Hard Work

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By Bashir Bello

A foremost politician in Kaduna State, Dr Sani Sha’aban on Wednesday in Zaria, said that the task ahead of him and his team is how to pull the citizens of the state out of poverty, despondency, insecurity, unemployment and marginalisation and how to elevate the youths of the state to a prosperous heights.

Sha’aban was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of his campaign coordinators and their assistants for Zone One in Zaria.
He said this while addressing a mammoth crowd of his supporters, the seasoned politician added that power actually comes from God Almighty, but they have to work for it.
He reiterated that APC youths, male, female, young and old must get up and work hard so as to ensure the right candidate is voted for to fly the party’s flag in the forthcoming general elections adding that as someone who has paid his dues politically, he is in a better position to propel the party to victory if given the mandate.

Speaking at the occasion, a former Speaker of the Kaduna State House of Assembly, Hon. Gideon Zamani and the Director General Sani Sha’aban campaign organisation Barrister Ephraim Danladi Joshua urged delegates from zone 1 and the rest of the zones to come out massively and vote for Shaaban during the primaries.

Zamani noted that ” if Kaduna truly wants justice, equity, fairness and progress, then the right person to vote for is Sani Sha’aban”.

He added that Sha’aban has been tested in politics, administration and business in time past and that he has paid his dues .

“Therefore, it is good for all the delegates to vote him .

Barrister Ephraim Joshua also added That Shaaban is a good leader who would deliver good governance if given him support.