2023 Election : I’ll Create 12 Million Jobs, Tackle Insecurity, Says Okwudiili Nwa-Anyadike

2023 Election : I’ll Create 12 Million Jobs, Tackle Insecurity, Says Okwudiili Nwa-Anyadike

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Okwudiili Nwa- Anyadike, a Presidential aspirant under the banner of National Rescue Mission, ( NRM ) has pledged to create 12 million jobs within 2 years of he is elected as President.


Nwa-Anyajike made the pledge while addressing journalists  after obtaining the party’s interest and nomination forms, yesterday in Abuja.

He said: “Under my watch as president, Federal Republic of Nigeria, I will create more than 12 million direct and indired jobs in my first two years in the office and these jobs will be created without me or Nigeria as a nation borrowing money from anybody.

“The first issue to tackle about insecurity is to create employment when we create employment because when you create employment, eliminate 75 per cent of insecurity.

“We do not need to borrow money to create jobs. We do not need to borrow to solve our problem by the time we have secure employment for our Nigerians, you will see that 70 per cent of people roaming the street committing different kinds of crimes will find something to do to eliminate the hunger and the economic rules thereby you have automatically reduced insecurity.

“We need to have a secure insurance policy that any policeman that dies on duty while performing his duty for the nation there will be the benefit of his family till the rest of his life.”

On his part, Adamawa State governorship aspirant, Aliyu Maina, urged voters in the state to support his mission in order to rescue it from maladministration.

Also, NRM’s National Welfare Officer, Chinedu Obi, said: “Over the years, we have discovered that we lack serious deficit in leadership in Nigeria, absence of rule of laws, infrastructure and the educational systems is virtually absent.

“We thank God today that message of rescue has not only resonated with the party but even those starting this initiative think that this country deserves rescue.”