2023 Presidential Poll: Anakwenze Campaign Organization Storm North, SS, SE, Focuses On Good Governance, Economy

2023 Presidential Poll: Anakwenze Campaign Organization Storm North, SS, SE, Focuses On Good Governance, Economy

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• Meets Delegate Nationwide

• Lobby for Maximum Support to Emerge Party Flag Bearer 

As the People’s Democratic Party Presidential Primaries Elections draws close, the foremost aspirant from the Southeast, Dr Nwachukwu Anakwenze  campaign team has embarked on  a last  minute but large-scale hunt for delegates to enable him scale through and become the flag bearer of the PDP in preparation for the 2023 Presidential election

It could be recalled that few weeks ago, the Anakwenze Campaign Organization stormed Kano state where they were warmly received by the PDP . It was also a success story in Kaduna state as Dr.Anakwenze’s team was warmly accorded good reception 

Yesterday, the team the berthed Makurdi the capital of Benue State  which is one of the swing states in the country .

After meeting with the party officials in Makurdi,members the Anakwenze Campaign Organization stormed the Aper Aku Stadium to woo delegates .

In his speech and video message to delegates, the astute businessman and Physician turned politician promised to restructure the country economically and politically to make more viable and a country where everyone can be to call his or her own .

The Anambra born politician added that if elected, he would govern the country not as an Igbo man but a Nigerian with sense of unity, purpose and urgency . He explained that on assuming office as the President, the first thing he would do is to tackle the Insecurity in the North West, North East and South East of the country.

“We shall try to bring those who are aggrieved to the table and settle their grievances through dialogue but those bent on creating a state within a state, we shall use the full weight of the military on the on them .

He also added that his presidency shall tackle the agriculture with much emphasy on modernisation  and mechanisation of agricultural sector.He promised that farmers shall get fertilizers free and agricultural implements at a subsidized rate 

On the overall economy, he insisted the economy would be  overhauled  with the aim of making it more viable and beneficial to Nigerians 

Anakwenze further promised that his administration shall run an all inclusive administration which all Nigerians who be represented and no one marginalised.

As at today the 24th, the campaign train have covered Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River and Delta States respectively in the South South region.

Speaking to that, the Coordinator and Head of Implementation and Monitoring of the Anakwenze Campaign Organization Pastor Shedrach Oka said so far the message of hope from Dr Anakwenze was well accepted.

“What we are doing is to bring the message of hope from Dr Anakwenze to all delegates. There is no better time than now that delegates needs to put their future considerations ahead of their personal greed.

“Yes others may be sharing bundles of money but Anakwenze’s Challenge is simple: if you are satisfied with the state of your economy, medicare , insecurity, strike actions, mortality rate, unemployment etc then vote the usual way but if not then change the evil pattern”

The south south train of the campaign moves to Rivers and Edo States