CAN Chairman laments the Nigerian state solicits prayer

CAN Chairman laments the Nigerian state solicits prayer

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By Olivia Obijiaku 

The Sabon Chapter of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), capped her ‘National Solemn Prayer’ in Rehoboth Christian Assembly (RCA) on Sunday, 15th May, 2022 where the Chairman, Pastor Prof. E. S. Akuso bitterly expressed his concern over the fallen state of Nigeria.  

Referencing Lamentations, Chapter five in presenting his case, Pastor Akuso welcomed members to the exercise, intimating that the prayer was aimed at seeking God’s intervention in the situation 

“I just want you to know the condition of Nigeria and the state in which Christians are presently.” The chairman expressed. “We are in a very delicate and perilous season and Nigeria is on the brinks. That is why our leaders thought it fit to organize a three day prayer and fasting. We have no strength to fight. We have been overwhelmed and Nigeria is under siege.  Things have happened and we are at the very edge of the matter. Our houses have been burnt. Our mothers are widows. We are orphans and fatherless. The Church is under going unprecedented persecution. If you say that the Church of Jesus Christ is not been persecuted, then you are not in Nigeria. We labour and have no rest. People of God, this is a solemn assembly. We are here in this solemn meeting to cry unto God.” 

Pointing to the helplessness of the government and human wisdom in the face of the many challenges confronting the nation, Prof. Akuso encouraged members to pray unto God to rescue the nation from total collapse.