Prof. Onaolapo tasks Christians to exercise their mandate over Nigeria

Prof. Onaolapo tasks Christians to exercise their mandate over Nigeria

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…Says the Church has slept enough 

By Olivia Obijiaku   

The General Overseer of Bethel Bible Church, Zaria, Pastor (Prof.) JA Onaolapo called on the followers of Jesus Christ to wake up from their slumber and exercise their God-given authority over the nation of Nigeria when he delivered the word of exhortation in Rehoboth Christian Assembly on Sunday, 25th May, 2022.  

Pastor Onaolapo charged the adherents to bind and root out the strongman he pointed to, as the ruler of the affairs of the country, reminding them that they have been empowered to do so. 

 “The Church has slept enough.” The minister said.” There is a strongman ruling over this nation, the economy, the polity, the educational system. It is time to take this nation from the hands of the strongman. You do not go to the house of a strongman except you first bind him according to Math. 12:29. Let’s not make mistake, if a Christian becomes the president tomorrow and the Church does not back him up, he will mess up.”

“We have suffered enough in this nation as a Church. We need to begin to pray seriously. It is unfortunate that many of us are lying with the politicians instead of praying. God has given us authority to get to the root and destroy the strongman and take over this nation. We have authority as a Church to break the siege of the strongman over this nation. We have played politics enough. The Church is part of Nigeria and that is why we are suffering. We need to displace the strongman. We need to really establish the Lordship of Jesus Christ over this nation. We must begin to exercise the authority.”

He also spoke of the need to put individual and denominational differences aside for the good of the entire Body of Christ, urging them to resist the devil, occupy the space and remain prayerful.