Gubernatorial Primaries: Shaaban Kicks,Alleges Fraudulent Conduct of Primaries

Gubernatorial Primaries: Shaaban Kicks,Alleges Fraudulent Conduct of Primaries

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By Bashir Bello

Following the just concluded All Progressive Congress, APC gubernatorial primary election in Kaduna state, one
of the leading aspirant, Hon Sani Sha’aban rejected the outcome of the process saying that the APC in Kaduna state has embarked on a mission of self destruction.

Hon Sha’aban stated this while briefing newsmen in Kaduna. described the primary election as a charade, seying that even the delegates congres election was not held at all.

According to Sha’aban, it is shameful that people who do not understand the word APC were recruited as APC delegates given huge amount of cash and asked to vote for certain politicians.

The former law maker lamented the situation whereby many aspirants were disqualified from contesting while his supporters were barred from the venue where the primary was held

The politician said the way and manner that said primary was conducted was unacceptable and stands condemned

” The way the primaries were manipulated and skewed to favoured certain persons, if I were elected as the Governorship candidate under such situation, I would reject it’, Shaaaban said

In a veiled threat, the politician added that the APC is not the only political party in the state and that other political parties are carefully monitoring the wrangling in the party and would like take advantage of it to poach on aggrieved candidates

Sha’aban urged all stakeholders in the state to rise up against the injustice perpetuated by few individuals in the party in order to prevent a looming disaster that would be fall the party.

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