Love, worthwhile sacrifices best for Lenten fast, says Fr. Ibe   anniversary Mass

Love, worthwhile sacrifices best for Lenten fast, says Fr. Ibe anniversary Mass

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By Olivia Obijiaku

The Chancellor, Vocations Director, Director for Religious Education and Grass Root Evangelism and Dean of Wusasa Deanery all of the Catholic Diocese of Zaria, Rev Frs. Patrick Adikwu; Istifanus Katung; Alfred Mamman, and Ezekiel Tijjani attained eleven years in the Catholic Priesthood on Monday, 7th March, 2022. 

Delivering the homily at their Thanksgiving Mass which took place at St Enda’s Catholic Church Zaria on the same day, the Director of Seat of Wisdom Academy (SWAZ), Zaria Rev Dr. Fr. Julian Ibe voiced that loving one another and making worthwhile sacrifices are the best ways to complement Lenten fast especially at such a time when it takes a special grace to survive a day in Nigeria. 

He described the celebrants as priests who presence illumines anywhere they go in the diocese and those each of whom is gifted in special ways.

“We thank God for the contributions you have made in the diocese.” He appraised them “We thank God for the eleven years you have been here and for the transformations you have all brought into the diocese since you came. In fact, the offices you all hold in the diocese show how important you are to the diocese. There is so much confident that have been vested upon you all both by the bishop and the priests of the diocese as a whole.”

“We are all in the second digit now in the priesthood. My advice to you today is to thank God specially for this grace; always appreciate every moment; and remember that is not by your own will that you are called. God did not call you to be successful priests but to be faithful priests. Heaven is our ultimate prize. The measure of priesthood is in your faithfulness to God. Never take anything for granted. Never take the Sacraments for granted. The older you get in the priesthood, the greater the tendency to take things for granted. Please, take your time to do everything very well. Prepare for Mass and your homilies very well.”

He also discouraged them from developing a sense of entitlement and that of amassing wealth for themselves but reminded them that they are all mere servants who ought to always remain humble