NNPP Candidate promises tireless development, services to Kaura LGA

NNPP Candidate promises tireless development, services to Kaura LGA

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The Kaduna State House of Assembly Candidate for Kaura Constituency on the platform of NNPP, Comrade Isaac Gandu, has promised to work tirelessly to ensure development are visible in the Constituency when he clinch the seat come 2023.

He asserted this during an interview with Journalists in Kaduna on Wednesday 1st, June 2022.

He affirmed that though there were some challenges during the election, however, as a grassroots politician he was able to scale through.

“You see, in my concept, Kaura LGA is not what it is now. While growing up I wanted to see my area become tourists hobnob – where farmers will sale their farm produce and make money. There is a need for cottage industry to be cited in the area.

“I’m vying for a legislative position, and if God gives me the opportunity and with the acceptance of my people to vote me into the position, I believe I will be able to legislate in favour of trying to lobby to get such things for my constituency,” he said.

Gandu also promise to link up with international organizations and businessmen who would come and help tap the abundant opportunities in the area.

According to him, Kaura is a fertile ground for Ginger, Kola nuts, rubber plantation, among others and it also produces the best turmeric in the world. He said that Kaura is so blessed as there is nothing in the world that could not be cultivated. “So, I believe if given the opportunity I will work tirelessly to ensure that I bring in experts that can help us explore the best of what we have,” he added.

Speaking on insecurity, the NNPP Kaduna Assembly hopeful, said local vigilante groups should be encouraged to support the Government’s efforts due to the fact that the strength of security apparatuses has been overstretched by the population of the country.

Comrade Gandu is a seasonal politician, and the Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) Agandus Multi-Trade Ltd. Barnawa in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State.