Successor: PDP Presidential Aspirant Warns Buhari Against Imposition

Successor: PDP Presidential Aspirant Warns Buhari Against Imposition

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“say’s Nigeria not for sale, Atiku can’t be President


An All Progressive Congress Party (APC) decampee and former presidential aspirant of the People’s Democratic party (PDP), Alh Abdulkereem Abdul has said  that Nigeria is  no longer for sale.

He also called on president Muhammadu Buhari to ensure that the right things are done, saying Buhari should know that he was not imposed on people as their candidate during his time.

Alh. Abdulkareem popularly known as Mai-Tantabara made the assertions in an interview with our correspondent in Kaduna.

He alleged that even though Atiku Abubakar parted with N20 million per delegate to win PDP primary election, he will not become NIgeria’s president.

He expressed dismay over the rationale behind forcing delegates to go and vote for a particular aspirant when those who bought forms for  millions of Naira were prevented from seeing the delegates during Kaduna State primary election.

“My name is Adulkareem Abdul. I’m one of the aspirants of PDP that could not pay for the form because of N40 million high cost of a form. I’m a PDP man, I left APC years ago, and I told el-Rufai, he still provided security for me during my declaration as presidential aspirant in Kaduna. 

“I sent a letter of appreciation to him. In democracy there are ethics and if you don’t follow the ethics, your naturally going to fail. And that’s what is bound to happen in Nigeria. 

“Both in APC and PDP, that’s what’s happening. I don’t see how APC will bribe some delegates behind doors to go and vote, when those that paid for the forms can’t see the delegates that will vote for them.

“They could not see delegates but only the results, this is not done anywhere in the whole world. Where democracy has advanced, you’ve to come and tell the people what you want to do for them. They don’t vote because of money”, he lamented.

Abdul further stated that, “Nigeria is no more for sale or for the highest bidder. All those people who feel that they’ve money to rule Nigeria, the end of it has come. Nobody among them will get anything like presidency. 

“Can’t you hear what Sani Sha’aban said in Kaduna State, that he didn’t see the delegates. They just went and voted. He is still taking the issue to the party and court. This are the crises that will rock this country. 

“Just like in PDP, how can somebody give N20m per delegate?  Nigeria is not for the highest bidder. Atiku can never be the president of Nigeria. It is just the honest truth.

“We’re going to see what democracy is all about. INEC is there watching, because, the use of money is against the ethics, and I’m sure this is time for INEC to react. Buhari is watching. 

“Buhari should know that he has to do the right things. If he doesn’t, nemesis will follow him. God will not forgive him. When I tell you a story write it fully, this is what I said by myself. I don’t have sympathy for anybody who don’t have respect for the rule of law of the country, and whoever you are, because the country belongs to all of us, not few who think they have gotten money from NIgeria’s wealth and they feel can do whatever they want in the country.

“If somebody like Atiku is giving N20m to a delegate, how do you expect him to come and serve the people? And poor people are the owners of what you have in Nigeria. I’m sure Muhammadu should know what to do.

“We’re not going to accept it. If APC wants reality, let them allow delegates to see the people that  they want to vote for. Don’t bring one person and say this is your own candidate. Nobody brought Buhari,  and said he is the candidate. 

“It’s God that brought you and it happened, and if you say you don’t have the masses at your heart, nemesis will follow. Nigeria is no more for sale to the highest bidder,”, he reiterated.