An Unstoppable Political Revolution Is In The Making

An Unstoppable Political Revolution Is In The Making

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The events of the past few weeks on the national scene and in Delta State including the outrageous and provocative N100m APC’s expression of interest and nomination forms for the office of the President, the nauseating dollar bazaar of the PDP at its national convention to buy the Presidential ticket, stealing of over N170b by the former Accountant General of the Federation, the endorsement and enthronement of mediocrity in Delta State with the system supporting and throwing up for election into influential offices, persons with a shadowy past and suspicious education, the brazen dynastification of political offices where present and past high political office holders rig their progeny into elective offices, etc churn one’s stomach and make one to puke. In all facets of our existence in Nigeria, it is as ghoulish and macabre as it could be.

However, there seems to be hope, going by the trends on social media. If I read the moves correctly, the “Soro Soke generation” that initiated and clinically prosecuted the end-SARS rebellion throughout Nigeria, and indeed the entire citizenry, have had enough of the shenanigans of politicians. This time they wouldn’t protest in the streets. There will protest with their voters’ cards and mobilize others to achieve their objective.

A political revolution is in the making! It will effortlessly sweep away this crop of political banditti that have pillaged and ruined the system for 24 years of Nigeria’s democracy.

The beneficiary of the political revolution will be Peter Obi around whom the youths (the major voting bloc) irrespective of their religion and region, are coalescing in their numbers. Peter Obi has shown and come to be generally accepted as a prudent, trustworthy, efficient, and effective manager of men and resources. The youths are no longer prepared to accept rogue politicians who have stolen their future. They see in Obi a man with the magic wand who can right the wrongs of the past and set the country on a part toward sustainable development. The momentum that Peter Obi’s campaign is gathering is unstoppable.

The electoral act and BVAS, which came at the auspicious time, are the nemesis of the current breed of rogue politicians. While the electoral act created enough time before the general elections to market hitherto unknown but credible people who will seamlessly route the current political brigands from the scene, BVAS cancels out reprobate voting, reducing or indeed, eliminating rigging.

“A war that one has foreknowledge of”, so goes an Isoko proverb, ” does not take your child”. A word ….

©Dr. Prosper Ahworegba

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