The politics of humility

The politics of humility

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Wike came to Anambra to campaign. He insulted Peter Obi.

Peter Obi went to Rivers to campaign. He called Wike “party leader” and thanked him for allowing him to campaign in Rivers.

Today, Peter is a presidential aspirant.
Peter Obi didn’t campaign in Adamawa state, out of respect for Atiku, who he calls his father in politics.

As we get our PVC, let’s not insult anyone. Many Yorubas are supporting Peter Obi….. don’t make them change their minds

Many Hausa/Fulani are supporting Peter Obi., Please don’t spoil that goodwill he enjoys.

Many other smaller ethnic nationalities are supporting Peter Obi for who he is and on the basis of his antecedents

Peter Obi is a national candidate, he’s candidate for the Youths, he’s candidate for a new Nigeria. He does not belong to any tribe.

Let’s all emulate our future president and play politics of humility.

Please share widely also copy and share on other platforms to reduce the unhealthy, unnecessary, and toxic tribal exchanges online. There is strength and beauty in diversity.

Let’s celebrate our shared humanity and minimise the fault lines of tribe and religion. These fault lines have never served us and will never bring the good life which we all seek.