NORLAND Stockist in Palladan, Zaria

NORLAND Stockist in Palladan, Zaria

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By Olivia Obijiaku   

A NORLAND stockist centre was launched in Palladan area of Zaria on Saturday, 4th June, 2022. Briefing on the event which took place at her office, AA Plaza Suite 16, Bassawa Road, Opposite Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria, the stockist, Ambassador Anastasia Edeh explained that she ventured into the business because of personal experience. 

“NORLAND is generally for good health and money making. The stockist oriented.  “We are launching NORLAND Palladan Stockish Office today because we want people around us to enjoy good health and make money also. NORLAND products are all herbal products and curative. I used NORLAND products for ulcer and got healed. We have successfully used the products for the treatment of common illness like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, HIV, fibroid, infertility and some many others. We also have other products like frying pans that one can use without oil. Instead, they extract the oil from the food itself.” 

Ambassador Afiniki

Palladan Stockist, Ambassador Anastasia Edeh

“We operate in levels and you get registered when you buy products up to the minimum amount of twenty-five thousand Naira only though it is advisable to start with fifty thousand Naira. Bonus is determined by how much products one buys. You can buy products without being registered but you become a marketer when you are registered. Marketers buy at company price and sell to other people.  You get bonus and free products when you buy and register others.” 

Sensitizing the masses on the benefits of the Chinese health product, a NORLAND marketer, Ambassador Nneka Chukwudi explained that NORLAND products have been endorsed by so many health agencies like NAFDAC, WHO, FDA,GMP, etc. 

“Our products are hundred percent organic products.” She said. “They do not have bad side effect. This company was founded in 2008 by a surgeon. It came to Nigeria in 2017 and it is now in Palladan. We have over one hundred products.” 

She also revealed to in an interview that she became free of very bad eye problem after using NORLAND products and that many people around her have their testimonies too. 

NORLAND Ambassadors at the event

On her part, Ambassador Afiniki cited that many cases of infertility and fibroids have been treated in Zaria and its environs through the use of the products just as Ambassador Juliet Irobie attested to how her father who suffered prostrate bounced back to good health within two weeks of using the products. Her revelation to, “I got into this business because of my dad. When my father had prostrate, I sent the products to him and within two weeks, my father who could not do anything stood on his own, started doing everything on his own. He became younger and started walking round the compound.  That was how he continued.” 

NORLAND Ambassadors in a group photograph with Palladan Chiefs

“When you start using these products, you begin to have many ideas. My step mother is even the one discovering a lot of things on her own. Last two weeks, my step mother almost extracted her tooth but when she used the GI vital, she chewed the GI vital and left it there for a long time and the pain left her. She can now chew stronger things. Now she can chew very well with that same tooth. I have also used the products. I used to have leg pain but now I can stand for hours. I use the NORLAND energy bracelet. I take Kudding tea which gives you energy, reduces stress. It helps you sleep well. This product is so amazing and very effective.”     

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