Five things you need to know about ectopic pregnancy

Five things you need to know about ectopic pregnancy

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By Habila Darofai

Ectopic pregnancy describes pregnancies that occur outside the womb and may be fatal to the health of both mother and child.

Here are highlights of things to know about ectopic pregnancy:

  1. There are different types of ectopic pregnancies. It could be abdominal, cervical, ovarian, and others; depending on where pregnancy occurs.

An abdominal ectopic pregnancy, according to experts, occurs when a developing embryo implants and grows within the peritoneal cavity.

There is also ovarian pregnancy, which occurs in the ovary, a cervical pregnancy, which occurs in the cervix.

  1. Abdominal pregnancy, which occurs in the abdomen, is the rarest form.

Experts noted that ectopic pregnancy is about one to two per cent of all pregnancies, adding that such a pregnancy rarely gets to term because a baby hardly survives in an abdomen.

However, the case of Veronica Musa who delivered a healthy baby despite having abdominal ectopic pregnancy may be termed a miracle.

  1. Babies from ectopic pregnancy could have some health issues because the uterus is the appropriate place for a baby to grow and not any other part.

The baby may not get as good enough blood supply and nutrients which would affect the growth of the foetus.

Babies from ectopic pregnancy, he added, may have limb deformations, congenital anomalies, anaemia and could die.

  1. In cases of abdominal ectopic pregnancy, the presence of fibroid could cause the implantation of the foetus to take place in the abdomen.
  2. Ectopic pregnancy is a threat to both the woman and the baby because it is a high-risk pregnancy.