5 Major Reasons For Severe Body Odour

5 Major Reasons For Severe Body Odour

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By Habila Darofai

Body odour is one of the very sensitive subject for many people. Even if you don’t have it, most people know someone who does. Body odour is a huge problem for many people which can affect how others view you, how you view yourself, and your self-esteem.

Here are some reasons why people have severe body odour.

  1. Body’s temperature regulation system

Breath, body odour, and sweat are all part of the body’s temperature regulation system. This system is meant to keep your body temperature at a normal level. When you have a disorder that disrupts this system, you may develop odour.

  1. Health Condition

Some people may have a condition called hyperhidrosis, which makes them sweat excessively. This excessive sweating is what contributes to the severe odour they have.

  1. Causes Of Hypertension That You Must Avoid

This can be a nuisance for people with allergies or those who live in apartments with other people. It can be difficult to figure out what may be causing it.

  1. Poor Hygiene

Some people have a strong odour that is not only unpleasant but also embarrassing. This is because of bacteria from sweat and poor hygiene.

Our sweat glands release toxins from the body, which can accumulate in the armpits and private parts when someone has poor hygiene. This can result in bacterial infection of the skin and a strong odour.

  1. Use of antiperspirants

People who always use antiperspirants can have body odour because the antiperspirant is not allowing sweat to be released from their bodies. This can cause toxic buildup in the body and it begins to smell.

  1. Consuming Certain Foods

Some people have a strong body odour that is difficult to remove because of certain foods they eat. This has caused an underlying health condition that creates a bad body odour.

A poor diet can cause a medical condition that makes someone have a bad body odour. There’s a type of kidney disease called renal tubular acidosis. This condition is the result of a lack of a chemical called bicarbonate in the body.

In people with renal tubular acidosis, the kidneys do not work properly and the bicarbonate levels in the body are low. This causes the body to produce a lot of ammonia, which can result in an unpleasant body odour. Other medical conditions that can cause body odour include liver cirrhosis and diabetes.

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