Obi, Kaduna LP Guber candidate woo El-Zakzaky, Shiite group

Obi, Kaduna LP Guber candidate woo El-Zakzaky, Shiite group

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Governorship candidate of the Labour Party (LP) Kaduna state Mr. Shunom Adinga said his reason for joining the governorship race in Kaduna under the platform of the party was born out of desire to provides quality leadership using human capital resources to turn the state into viable economy.

Mr Adinga, while declaring his intention weekend, said that labour is all about human capital resources, adding that Kaduna state has enormous natural and human capital resources to be harnessed for youth employment and human development.

The candidate who disclosed these during a press conference at the state party secretariat in Kaduna also stated that the party has established contact with the Shiites group of Shiekh Ibraheem El-zakzaky, the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), to support Peter Obi and himself for President and Governor in 2023.

Kaduna LP Guber candidate Shunom Adinga middle, state party chairman right, state NLC female representative left during a press conference in Kaduna weekend

“We try as much as possible to bring aggrieved members of the society together to bear on this LP such as Shiites group, which is the El-zazaky. We have consulted with them. We have had clear understanding with them to collaborate with the incoming government of Peter Obi to make sure that we rebuild the economy of the state and country
“We try to ensure that all the aggrieved members are brought to political forum to contribute their quota”, he said.

He also explained that no party in the country is as famous as labour party because Nigeria has more number of workers than the number of politicians, saying his core area of expertly is Human resources, a position he held for years in indomie factory he brother to kaduna.

“So Labour is the biggest and one of most populous parties in the country today. If you narrow it down, Kaduna state is an extraction of the federation and therefore the population of workers are very high in Kaduna state.
“Anybody who cannot managed the human capital resources of approximately 6-7 million population and harness them into potential Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), such leader is not creative enough to lead the population.
“Leaders should be able to turn around the enormous human capital to IGR through creativity”, he said.
Mr Adinga also said that he has been in politics for decades sine 1992 and had contested several times in the state, including the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC).

“The last time i checked, i was in APC, but now I’m in labour. We all know what transpired in Nigeria of today starting with Peter Obi who has been a Governor, bank chairman and industries CEO. But because of politicking in Nigeria which has turn into carry resources, not prudent.

“The resources involved in other party today, just to vie for political position indicated that the purposes and aim of majority of Nigerian are for bargaining with money for position. Use their loots to get into the office and recover it from IGR.

“That is why we have backed out of money bag politics to personality and credibility politics. That was the reason why Peter Obi opted out of PDP and the reason why i opted out from APC too.

“I am representing the physical challenged. Is there in the party manifesto of APC that they have consensus on party nomination form but was not in reality to obtain the form free to represent the physical challenged.
“That is why i opted out and look for the party with human face, understand, credibility and creativity, that will provide a level praying ground for intellectuals who understand the economy”, he stated.
Accordingly, Mr Adinga noted that 65 percent of small and medium industry is managed by women, “and so we are going to consolidate on it and give them all our support. No country can survives economically without small and medium enterprises so women have cardinal part here”,he assured.
On teachers loosing their jobs”, he said anybody government that will not partner with its workers and give them the standard operational procedure is lacking in creativity.

“Everybody must not be a graduate or have the kinds of creativity and knowledge i have before he gets a job. I’ll not streamline jobs in kaduna state by ethnicity, religion or sectionalism but competency and merits”, he stated.