Muslim-Muslim Ticket : CAN Chairman Reacts

Muslim-Muslim Ticket : CAN Chairman Reacts

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*says Christians will not be intimidated in a multi party democracy

Ahead of the 2023 general elections in Nigeria, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Kaduna State Chapter has said that parties attempting to field same faith tickets will not make them lose sleep.

CAN Chairman Kaduna State, Reverend John Joseph Hayab expressed this, when he had an interactive session with some journalists on Thursday July 7, at his office.

“Why would anyone worry about Muslim-Muslim ticket when there are several options and there are even Christian candidates in some political parties.

“Tell Christians that CAN says when we have more than 10 political parties, why should we be bothered about the choice of one party,” he said.

Although he rubbished the idea of a Muslim-Muslim ticket by the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state, he explained that there is need for political parties to be sensitive.

“The constitution says leadership in Nigeria should reflect federal character to promote unity.

“Perhaps it is the Christians in that party that are incompetent. They may have shown that they do not have capacity to mobilize support for the party.

“If anybody is to protest, then let the Christians in that political party come forward to complain because they are the people that their party is insulting not the entire Christian faithful.

“Those who think they don’t need us, there is no problem.

“Those who used to argue about 1993 or any previous election should know that times have changed,” he warned.

Reverend Hayab said that, “What I will tell Christians in Kaduna State is that there are several political parties, if one says he doesn’t need you, go fo another.

“People go to restaurants to only eat the food that will not cause their body problem. There are different choices of food. You may choose to eat white rice, jollof rice or rice and beans,” he said.

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