ANSSF Leader Makes Amend, Apologises

ANSSF Leader Makes Amend, Apologises

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By Bashir Bello, Abuja

The National Leader of APC National Stakeholders Supporters Forum (ANSSF) has apologised to Hon. Humble Eleazer for defamation of his character and office, and has retracted and withdrawn the libellous material published online, both written and audio.

In a letter which reached our News Desk, the Chairman of the support group, Yusuf Musa Ardo said;

“My statement both written and audio which I sent to the platform of ANSSF was not intended for character assassination, labelling of your character”

He went on to say “please forgive me, and I hereby retract and withdraw my statement, both written and audio”.

The Chairman, APC Stakeholders Diaspora, when contacted said, that indeed a letter of apology was sent to him, and he has forgiven Hon. Yusuf Ardo, but made it clear that even though he has forgiven, they are now working separately.

In his words “yes, Hon. Yusuf apologised after defaming me, I have forgiven, but we are not working together anymore. I and my Diaspora body are even more committed now to make Nigeria work than ever. We are carrying out research work and policy development that will help our nation thrive”

The former women’s leader of ANSSF Dr Vivian Sonny-nsirim, whose office was also dissolved and removed from her post has been vigorously apologised to by Hon. Yusuf Musa Ardo as well. According to Dr. Vivian Sonny-Nsirim, “women are the bedrock of every society; When you empower a woman, you have empowered a nation. Women should stand strong and never allow false allegations, lies, cultural practices, or criticisms to stop us, however, there should serve as a motivation to keep us moving forward until we achieve our goals”.

She has accepted the apology, but she’s investing her resources and knowledge in building the nation of confident young women that will be skilled and equipped to lead their society.

According to the Leader of APC Nssf, copies of these letters of apology have been sent to the offices of the Party National Chairman, Deputy National Chairman North, and National Women’s Leader for record purposes.