2023 Guber Race: Kaduna APC Muslim-Muslim Ticket is About Merit,Not Religion-KCSDPF

2023 Guber Race: Kaduna APC Muslim-Muslim Ticket is About Merit,Not Religion-KCSDPF

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Group under aegis of Kaduna Central Senatorial District People’s Forum(KCSDPF) said the All Progressives Congress Muslim-Muslim ticket was done on basis of merit ; good faith to make Kaduna Greater Again and not religious considerations .

According to group, the APC Governorship flag bearer , Senator Uba Sani’s choice of the current Deputy Governor, Hajiya Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe was on basis of her track records of performance ; merit and competence .

Briefing Journalists today in Kaduna, the Coordinator of the Kaduna Central Senatorial District People’s Forum, Comrade Musa Mohammed said it is high time Nigerians started to consider issues of merit,track records of performance and experience as basis for electing leaders and not religious considerations.

Musa further explained , ” Hajiya Balarabe has been Deputy Governor to Governor Nasir El-Rufai for almost four years now and her track records of religious tolerance, kindness and sensitivity towards the Christian communities.

Everyone who has follow the El-Rufai led government, must seen or heard about her role in ensuing that government policies are carefully implemented to favour all residents and citizens regardless of their religious affiliation. Adding” This is part of reasons we are gladly supporting such a candidate and such a ticket.

“We are all aware that Muslim-Muslim ticket has dominated the public conversation across Kaduna state, with the Southern Kaduna People’s Union, (SOKAPU) coming outrightly to reject it ahead of the forthcoming general elections .

The truth is APC needs a running mate that can help Sen. Uba Sani to consolidate on the good development strides in the State and the choice of running mate is key to brighten the party’s chances at the next governorship election.

The Coordinator however APC in Kaduna needs a Muslim -Muslim Ticket

” It is perceived by many in the APC that a Muslim/Muslim ticket may be the winning formula in the coming election. They believe that it would be politically expedient to take advantage of that and present such a ticket.

“It is also perceived by others in the APC that a Muslim/Muslim ticket will be a direct challenge to the Christian community in Kaduna and it may jeopardise the chances of our party in the coming election.

“Our view is that Hadiza Sabuwa, Uba Sani’s running mate is not an extremist,who will undermine the interests of the Christian community.

“In this matter, we must not allow ourselves to be guided by emotions but, rather by our obligation to support our candidate and party, the quest and desire to win the coming governorship election at all costs, political expediency and by what the British call ‘real politik’.

“Muslim/Muslim ticket or no Muslim/Muslim ticket we will not sit by idly and allow ANYONE or any GOVERNMENT to undermine our faith or our people.

“Hence Uba Sani decides on a Muslim/Muslim ticket, we shall either swim or sink with him and, whichever way, given the experience of Isa Ashiru Kudan and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who give it’s deputy governor ticket to a Christian, it may be a hard fight!.

“Because there are many Christians in Kaduna state,who feel passionately about their faith and who believe that they MUST be protected and represented at the highest level of government in the State.

“The SOKAPU knew Hadiza Sabuwa who came from their zone, is a Muslim who has shown love and displayed sensitivity to the Christian community over the years and who we believe we can trust, that’s why we and many of other Christians will support the ticket.

“It is left to those of us who are Christians to let the faithful know who is who and who they can trust amongst the Muslims in the knowledge that not all Muslims are bad and not all Christians are good.

“There are indeed good and bad people on both sides of the religious divide.

“The truth is that in an ideal world, religion and faith should not determine who our candidates and their running mates ought to be and when it comes to matters of governance, we agree with those who say that in this day and age, we should not bring religion into it”.