I accepted to be Obi’s running mate, Says Datti Baba-Ahmed

I accepted to be Obi’s running mate, Says Datti Baba-Ahmed

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The Labour Party vice presidential candidate, Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, has explained why he accepted to run for the race with the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

The Nation had reported that Peter Obi, who is a former Anambra Governor picked Baba-Ahmed as his running mate in Abuja on Friday.

speaking at the unveiling ceremony, in Abuja on Friday, Baba-Ahmed said his fundamental reason for his decision to accept the nomination is as a result of his commitment to rescuing Nigeria.

Stating that he believes in the greatness of Nigeria while reiterating his hope that Nigeria people will unite.

“My task here today is simple and it is to accept my nomination but just before I do that, I should give justifications as follows.

“The undeniable and unchallengeable fundamental reason for being on this ticket is to rescue Nigeria.

“And it goes logically without saying that you can only rescue that which is in trouble and Nigeria is in trouble and I cannot afford not to be part of the movement to rescue Nigeria.

“The second reason is that I believe in the greatness of Nigeria. I believe there will be peace and prosperity, and I believe Nigeria people will unite.”

Speaking on Obi’s consideration, Baba-Ahmed said Obi’s integrity and achievements in the private sector were part of what also informed his decision to join the ticket.

“Having come from the education sector and background, when I hear a valuable thing I know it and I cannot let it pass. The comment from our presidential candidate that the fertile land in the north is the crude oil of Nigeria is one.

“How much more nationalist and detribalised can you (Obi) be? I see a brighter future for Nigeria from such a comment. He is someone of integrity and capacity.

“This is a high point in my life and career. Having said this and with all trust in Almighty Allah and my belief in Nigeria and with all humility, I accept the generous nomination to be the vice-presidential candidate of the Labour party for the 2023 general election.”

Obi while unveiling Baba-Ahmed, first apologised for the postponement of the event from Thursday to Friday, stating that the unveiling signals the party and his resolve in the journey to “take back Nigeria.”

“It is good to be here today after weeks and months that we have gone round, consulted and searched around to look for somebody who fits the bill of what we are trying to do.

“Today, I am proud to say I have been able to meet and secure somebody who is eminently qualified and fits the bill to be the Vice President of Nigeria.

“I know people will say you are not there yet, but I can tell you, I know where we are going.

“This is our right to secure, unite and make Nigeria productive. And you can’t do that without having people who have similar visions, ideas and are prepared for the task. So, I have the honour today to present to you, God willing, Nigeria’s next Vice President in the person of Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed. He added.