Over 200 students inaugurated into tobacco, substance abstinence clubs

Over 200 students inaugurated into tobacco, substance abstinence clubs

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

There appears to be tough time awaiting tobacco and substance abuse addicts in Kaduna state and environments as National Youth Service Corp, (NYSC) members intensified anti- tobacco and substance abuse campaign.

The Corp members and Ambassadors of The Eye Opener Women and Youth Foundation,
have so far inaugurated over 200 students into the tobacco and substance abstinence clubs in different secondary schools across the state, and still counting.

The inaugurated schools clubs include Neighborhood Girls Junior secondary school Nasarawa, Government senior secondary school Kakuri and Government secondary school (junior) in Nasarawa areas of Kaduna South local government, among others.

Shortly before the inauguration in their large numbers, the students were sensitized on the hazardous effects of tobacco and substance abuse to them as well as to those around them and on ways and how to abstained and stayed healthier.

The students were also sensitized on the various preventive measures especially the peers group influence, family and parental attitudes of sending children to buy tobacco and other narcotic substances for them.

The three passionate and hard working corp members working hand in hand with the Eye Opener Foundation are Mabia Uchechukwu Christian (KD/21A/1828), Joshua Benjamin (KD/21C/3121) and
Umoh Esther (KD/21B/2469), who is also set to inaugurates some clubs soon.

The female Corper, Umoh Esther, working with foundation, expected to start her own next week with sensitization and inauguration of students into the clubs.

“They are confirmed members of the Eye Opener Foundation, and are also working on tobacco and substance centre club, and will do inauguration more of the tobacco/substance abstinence cubs in secondary schools”, the foundation coordinator Mrs. Margaret Julius, has hinted.

The various students members of the clubs are expected to also monitor and reports cases of tobacco and substance abuse for intervention and support to addicts where necessary for prevention and rehabilitation.

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