CEO Says Treasure Hunt Will Promote Peaceful Coexistence In Nigeria

CEO Says Treasure Hunt Will Promote Peaceful Coexistence In Nigeria

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The second edition of Treasure Hunt, organised by Treasures of the Universe is aimed at creating awareness that NIgeria can only proper in an atmosphere of peaceful co-existence.

CEO Treasure Hunt, Gabriel Tukura expressed this, while fielding questions from newsmen on the sidelines of the peace rally organised ahead of the commencement of audition for the Northern States, billed for the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna on Friday July 29.

” We are here to mark an awareness to Nigeria and the world that NIgeria needs peace.

“At this event, we will have talks ahead of the audition tomorrow.

“The Imam and pastor who are interfaith members of the state will be giving the talks.

“From tomorrow, we would begin the auditions, which fir now, we don’t have a limit for entries. The audition is for 19 Northern states. The second audition will be coming up in Ogun State to cover the South,” he said.

According to him, those qualified from Kaduna will to be shifted to Ogun State where they would be groomed for the grand finale, from where a national peace ambassador will emerge.

“We are expecting to have 60 youth in camp in Ogun from those that scale through the audition,” he disclosed.

Popular actor and musician, Sani Danja who was at the venue, said that they were there for a movement targeted at bringing people together, mostly youth, to promote peaceful co-existence in Nigeria.

“NIgeria has never been divided like this.

“I use my songs and movies to promote peace and unity,” he said.

According to him, some criteria that would be used in judging who scales through the audition would include adhering to rules and regulations for the programme.

“We would get people good in football, some in acting and other types of entertainment.

When NIgeria is having a football game, nobody talks about tribe or religion, but want to see the country win.

“Countries doing well, opened up and accommodate people from other countries. An example is Dubai. if they can accept people into our communities, we would prosper. Same accommodating of people is what makes America great. You will see a Chinese, who would proudly say he is an American citizen.

“If we can tap into our diversity, a lot of progress would be made,” he advised.

One of the hopeful, Javan John Jatau, who is 30 years old, said that he is an athlete and entrepreneur.

He said that as a youth, they have been caged for too long and it was s high time they took themselves out of the shadow.

“Youth should know they are more vulnerable to be used for crisis,” he said.

Another participant, who introduced himself as Buba of Africa, an artiste,c said that as a participant and an artiste, he looks forward to the beginning of the talent hunt.

He called on youth to embrace peace and shun violence.

Another hopeful, Timothy Joseph an artiste by stage name Tommy J from Jos, said he is optimistic he would scale through the audition.

He advised youth to avoid being vulnerable to politicians using them to create conflict.