July 28, 2021 4:23 pm

Man Protests Killings, Burning by Unknown Gunmen in Southern Nigeria

70 years old Alhaji Yahaya Ibrahim has commenced protests against the incessant killings of policemen and burning of their assets in the country.
Alhaji who came to the office of the Kaduna Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) to register his displeasure about the situation especially in the southern parts of the country called on government and well meaning Nigerians to as a matter urgency intervene.

Alhaji Ibrahim, who is the Kaduna state Chairman of the National Association For Scrap Artisans and Craft also said that unless the police is adequately protected, equipped and motivated there will be no peace in the nation.
He added that he is protesting alone because he found it imperative to do the march solo even as he urged Nigerians to support him in his quest.
In a show of solidarity, a prominent religious leader in kaduna, Pastor Yohanna Buru said that unless people like Alhaji Ibrahim are supported in such quest, many more lives especially of security personnel will be lost.
He added that Nigerians need to be proud of there security personnel who daily put their lives in harms way to protect them.
He called on well meaning Nigerians to as a matter of urgency prevail on those who are killing and burning police stations to stop the unwholesome act.
Alhaji Ibrahim will continue his protest against the killing of policemen and other vice at the police headquarters in Kaduna.

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